With-Profits governance

Oversight of all of the Countrywide Assured With-Profits business is provided by an independent Committee that reports to the Board of Countrywide Assured. If you would like any further information about this Committee and its responsibilities, please click here to see the Committee Terms of Reference document :-

The Terms of Reference for the Countrywide Assured With-Profits Committee

Countrywide Assured With-Profits Funds

ReAssure has also produced an annual report detailing how they have complied with the PPFM, Guardian Assurance With-Profits Fund report to policyholders..

This report is supplemented by our own report, which will comment on ReAssure’s compliance with the PPFM from the standpoint of the Countrywide reassured business.

Save & Prosper With-Profits Funds

As we are required to do by the Financial Conduct Authority, each year Countrywide Assured produces a report to its policyholders for its With-Profits funds, confirming that they have been managed in accordance with the documents mentioned above (the “Principles and Practices of Financial Management of its With-Profits Business”). We have an independent With-Profits actuary and he has reviewed these reports and added his own summary. If you would like to see this report, please click here for the most recent one relating to the Countrywide Assured Guarantee Plus Pension Fund (S&P Series), originally issued by Save & Prosper Pensions:-

Countrywide Assured Guarantee Plus Pension Fund (S&P Pensions Series)

And for the equivalent report relating to the Countrywide Assured With-Profits Fund (S&P Series) originally issued by Save & Prosper Insurance, please click here:-

Countrywide Assured With-Profits Fund (S&P Insurance Series)